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Supporting Youth

Youth aging out of the foster system are four times more likley to end up homeless or the victum of assult. We want to change that.

Educating the Public

Barriers faced by youth leaving foster care are significant. We work to educate the general public as well as local educational partners on this vulnerable population.


Provide support directly benefiting former foster youth.

Social Connections

Connect youth to supporive organizations, adults, and peers.


Ensure youth who age out of care have safe and stable living conditions.


Facilitate the pathway to post-secondary opportunities.

What Is Cetera?

Cetera was founded to address resource gaps for young adults between ages 18 and 28 who are leaving foster care and transitioning to young adulthood. Cetera works to increase networks of support for youth from foster care in areas of education, social connections, and housing.

Our Mission

We believe youth leaving foster care should have access to a broad network of organizations, supportive adults, and peers who will increase opportunities to connect and thrive as well as promote well-being.

Our Values

Young adults from foster care are the experts of their own experiences, needs, and goals.

Youth-adult partnerships are required for successful long-term outcomes for youth leaving foster care.

Supportive relationships, both professional and personal, are required for well-being for youth leaving foster care.

Community collaboration is required for sustainable strategies that promote well-being for youth leaving foster care.

State & Local Resources for Former Foster Youth

There are many local governmental and non-profit organizations in the state that offer services to former foster youth. This listing is always being expanded and if your organization would like to be added please contact us directly.

The Suncoast

Regional Foster Youth & Higher Education Network

The SR-FYHE network is a partnership between local non-profits that serve youth aged 16-28 and educational insituions in the Suncoast region. The purpose of this group is to eliminate barriers that former foster youth encounter as they apply to and pursue post secondary education.

FYHE’s Objectives

Monthly conference calls among partners.

Quarterly in person workgroup meetings on partner campuses in the Tampa Bay Area.

In-person workshops on the college application process and FAFSA given at local group homes for youth and their foster parents in collaboration with local LCAN’s.

To be a caring and collaborative community of educational institutions committed to serving former foster youth.

Get Involved

Are you interested in supporting the local foster youth system? Cetera offers many opportunities for the community to learn more about the barriers faced by youth leaving foster care; particularly in areas of education, social connections, and housing.

Request Assistance

Cetera funds resource requests from local former foster youth. Submit your request here.

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