Who We Are

Cetera was founded to address resource gaps for young adults between ages 18 and 28 who are leaving foster care and transitioning to young adulthood. Cetera works to increase networks of support for youth from foster care in areas of education, social connections, and housing.

Our Mission

We believe youth leaving foster care should have access to a broad network of organizations, supportive adults, and peers who will increase opportunities to connect and thrive as well as promote well-being.


Increase networks of support for youth from foster care.

Social Connections

Connect youth to supportive organizations, adults, and peers.


Ensure youth who age out of foster care have safe and stable living conditions.


Facilitate the pathway to postsecondary opportunities.

Join Our Network

Cetera aims to increase community networks by convening community partners for a stronger saftey net in areas of education and housing. 

Support Youth in Our Community

Cetera is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides direct support to youth leaving foster care and is completely funded through the generous support of our community.

Our Values

Young adults from foster care are the experts of their own experiences, needs, and goals.

Youth-adult partnerships are required for successful long-term outcomes for youth leaving foster care.

Supportive relationships, both professional and personal, are required for the well-being of youth leaving foster care.

Community collaboration is required for sustainable strategies that promote well-being for youth leaving foster care.

Our Funders

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